About Us

Welcome to Transmag BLDC. We design and manufacture high efficiency, customized or replacement permanent magnetic brushless DC motor and controller solutions for industrial and commercial products and applications.

Through a clear vision of the future of motor technologies, Transmag has combined high quality engineering and design capabilities, for BLDC motors and controllers, with low cost, high volume manufacturing. This marriage allows us to offer BLDC systems at prices comparable to standard, older technologies for a wide range of applications and products.

We know that there are several motor companies that make brushless DC motors and some that make control electronics for BLDC systems. There are even a few companies, that have within their corporate group, divisions that make either brushless controllers or motors. However, we are among an elite few companies in the world who offer to design and build integrated BLDC systems as a complete customer solution. The result is economical design, high efficiency, application tailored performance, elimination of dual component markups and a single source component supplier.